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We believe that storytelling is an essential part of raising awareness and catalyzing action. We create content with inspirational brands, tech enterprises, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies who share a passion for driving positive social impact.

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We’re storytellers and content creators. We work collaboratively from the early stage of an idea all the way through its completion. The foundation of our client relationships is built around a commitment to create beautiful work that will stand out in a crowded media landscape.
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How do we create aroadmap
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Philip Buccellato
Jesse Ash
Steve Makowski
Jennifer Chiu

Philip Buccellato

Phil Buccellato is the Founder of Greener Media. He’s passionate about telling stories that highlight how we engage with the natural world. He’s always thinking about food; how it can function as a way to bridge divides and how strategic food systems planning can solve some of our world’s biggest challenges. He’s a believer in the idea that small acts of courage can lead to big change and wants to create work that catalyses people into action.

Phil was the director and producer of feature documentary Common Ground, a story of human elephant conflict set in post-war Sri Lanka which was distributed by TVF International and has screened at the United Nations, Smithsonian National Zoo and the Explorers Club. He's had key roles in other feature documentaries including I Think We're Alone Now, Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell and has also worked on productions helmed by Mira Nair, Wes Anderson and Charlie Kaufman.

Jesse Ash

Jesse Ash is a born & bred New Yorker. He is a director who leads with empathy and heart. Growing up in Queens, the most ethnically diverse place in the world, his public high school's winter recess included doing “culture vultures” - extracurricular experiences that required getting outside of one’s comfort zone - eating a new & different cuisine, and visiting an arts institution/exhibition never before seen. Ever since he has become passionately curious about exploring different cultures locally and globally. Always paying attention to the littlest details on location, he knows they can make a big difference when crafting and telling stories. Jesse lives with his wife and dog in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Project Highlights include:
•Webby-Award winning director ("Magical Cure" for Stand Up To Cancer)
•Sundance Film Festival Award Winner for short documentary "Man in The Maze" about Food Justice/ Food Waste on the US/Mexico border.
•Sierra Leone based NGO Purposeful on a short promo video for their Every One of Her campaign launch.
•"What to Eat" for Farm Sanctuary voiced by actor Jason Schwartzman
•"Just Say Hello" campaign for O' Magazine & Skype featuring Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King and Sanjay Gupta amongst numerous other A-Listers
•“Safe Delivery with Ben Sinclair from HBO’s High Maintenance” Covid-19 PSA

Steve Makowski

Steve Makowski is an outdoorsman, who's favorite creative assignments seek to show the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world and how people fit into these unrestricted spaces. As a filmmaker and photographer he's worked with top brands to create powerful content.
Steve has over 13 years of experience creating both video and photo content for companies big and small. His work has been featured in the pages of Esquire, Popular Mechanics, Runner’s World and others. Steve specializes in Branded Content and has directed and photographed campaigns for Subaru, Turtle Wax, Wahl, GoRVing and many more. He has also worked with global organizations like MARS Food as well as Funny or Die and Miramax Films.

Jennifer Chiu

Jennifer Chiu is a Creative Director that produces animation and VFX-driven digital content. She loves the challenge of using design and motion to translate complex ideas into creative messages. She works with a variety of clients ranging from entertainment brands to social justice non-profits. In her downtime, she produces animated mischief on the internet. She was a speaker for Adobe in two SDCC panels and a Twitchcon panel about her animation career and experience in live-streaming/real-time animation. In 2012, she was nominated for an Emmy for her broadcast design work on the Dr. Phil Show. This year, she won a Platinum Hermes Creative Award for The Solutions to the Climate Crisis No One is Talking About she made with Inequality Media.


Much of the work we do has an environmental message and we’ve also made a commitment to take steps to lessen the footprint of our production process. We acknowledge that there is always room for improvement and that every small action counts. We’re taking steps to reduce our energy consumption in the office, avoid idling vehicles and bottled water, recycle all of our old electronics, and we’re also donating a percentage of our annual profits to social and environmental causes.
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Community basedconservation
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